Süeda Doğrusöz


09.2013-06.2019 Yeditepe Faculty of Dentistry (English)


DİLAD Laser Academy Association symposium 29 November 2019
8th International Endodontics Symposium 10-13 May 2018 (adana)
APEC 27-27 April 2019
We Are Getting To The Root Of Endodontic Problems (Dr. Toygan BORA) 4 March 2019
YUDBAT National Students Research Day 2017-2018-2019
Current Approaches in Oral Diseases (Dr. Erdoğan Fİşekçioğlu)
Scientific Research and presentation

(Impact of sterilization on the fracture resistance of Hyflex instrument’s used in different simulated canals)

English language education in London (school = EC) 2018 summer term

After 10 years of classical ballet education from Tan Sağtürk Ballet and Dance Academy, a ballet diploma approved by the Ministry of National Education

Telescope construction in ATY (Amateur Telescope Making) workshop

Swimming training in Darüşafaka for 2 years

MEB approved diction course training

4-year guitar course approved by the Ministry of National Education