Aesthetic gingival treatments

Aesthetic gingival treatments

for aesthetic smiles don’t ignore your gums …

Gums are one of the indispensable elements of dental aesthetics. Operations such as crown lengthening, depigmentation (removal of black spots), Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty can be considered as the aesthetic gum treatment framework.

Operations performed to increase dental aesthetics are classified under this some of these are as follows.

Crown Length Extension is a treatment performed to make the tooth length appear longer by removing excess gum tissue with laser.

Depigmentation is the process of removing the black colors on the gums due to different reasons by using appropriate methods.

Gingivectomy is the process of removing the structures formed by the bacteria as a result of leakage of food residues into the protrusions called “pockets” in the gums. Sometimes, after this procedure, the gums may need to be shaped aesthetically. This process is called gingivoplasty (re-shaping).

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