Apical Resection (Root Tip Cyst Treatment)

Apical Resection (Root Tip Cyst Treatment)

With the Apical Resection procedure, put an end of toothache in a short time …

This procedure is apical surgery, or apicoectomy. It is also known as root-end resection, because it is, quite simply, the removal of the root tip (and the surrounding infected tissue) of an abscessed tooth. This procedure also provides the opportunity to detect possible root fractures.

Infections in the mouth can occur in many areas, including tooth roots. within 30 minutes can root tip cyst be treated . It is possible to clear the infection. Patients get rid of pain after this procedure and recover in a short time.

Root canal treatment cannot give sufficient results in all cases and if the pain continues, root tip cyst treatment may be required.
In our clinics, a small area opened over the jawbone to the area where the tooth root and abscess is located then removal of the root tip.

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