Medical tourism

Most of Turkish population are young , trained and skilled worker that has the potential to provid advanced human resources and strengthening the economy of our country to be a preferred tourist destination worldwide. In addition, many health institutions in our country have reached a level that can compete with the health institutions in other countries due to the positive results of the investments made in the field of health in the last 10 years and the health transformation programs.

The studies and evaluations revealed that, Turkey’s health tourism become one of the leaders in this sector. in order to increase the competitiveness not only in the medical field elderly health care and health tourism areas but also in many other sectors.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure inter-sectoral integration in main headings such as hotel services, transportation, communication, environment, architecture, insurance and banking systems, health tourism intermediary institutions, advertising and marketing.

Along with medical tourism, health tourism and elderly health care tourism, these sectors has reached a 100 billion dollars worldwide by the end of 2014.

Millions of people all over the world turn to health tourism with less cost or shorter waiting times, to receive support and treatment in dental, orthopedic and other surgical operations, especially aesthetic surgery, as well as to see the historical and natural beauties and have fun while being treated.

Turkey, not only by geographical location and developed infrastructure with health organizations have also grown in the sectors of education and advanced infrastructure technically in the health field, to have one of Europe’s most important resources, history and natural beauty, rich cultural heritage Due to its low costs, it has an important potential to carry itself to a leading position in the field of health tourism.