COVID 19 Precautions

COVID 19 Precautions

Although we, as the healthcare (professional dental services providers) , are the people who are the most in contact with the virus and we are seen in the high risk group, our rates of getting covid-19 disease and the risk of transmitting the virus to the patients remain very low in the statistics. The main reason for this is that in our pre-pandemic work practice, we apply protective measures against many viruses and bacteria in our routine lives and we are used to this. For this purpose, we took all necessary measures and began to serve a long time ago.

Our patients who come to our clinics for treatment must pay attention to :

1- If you have conditions such as cough, runny nose, fever or difficult breathing, stay at home.

2- Arrive on time to your appointment, neither before nor after.

3- If there is no need, do not bring any companions with you to our clinics. Companions will not be allowed into the treatment room.

4- At our clinics, HES code is required. Patients will not be accepted without the HES code.